Zespri 14-day Kiwi Challenge

During the upcoming 2 weeks I will be taking part in Zespri's 14-day kiwi challenge! I received all the kiwi's I need today including some fun goodies of which one is actually pretty genius, an USB-stick that has the shape of a kiwi! How cool is that!

You might wonder why I would participate in this challenge. Well research by the University of Otago has shown that eating two kiwifruit a day can improve a person's mood and enhance their energy levels. In  short, normally healthy young men ate either two kiwifruit a day or half a kiwifruit a day during a six-week study period as part of a research study into the potential mood-enhancing effects of kiwifruit. The results showed that those who ate two kiwifruit a day experienced less fatigue and depression and felt they had more energy compared to the other group. As kiwi's are an exceptional source of Vitamin C the results appear to be related to the optimising of Vitamin C intake. Kiwi's contain more Vitamin C compared to citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Additionally, kiwi's are low in fat and contain a lot more essential vitamins and minerals. Kiwi's only contain 60 calories per 100 g and have a low glycaemic index meaning that they do not rapidly increase your blood sugar levels, in addition they are high in dietary fibers making them the perfect snack.

So I was challenged to see whether I would experience the same benefits and as I'm really curious to see whether it works I joined. The challenges requires me to consume two kiwi's everyday during a period of 14 consecutive days and at the end report the possible benefits I experienced during this period.Of course I would love it if you would join me in this challenge! Zespri Kiwi's are widely available so why not?!

During the next 14 days you can expect some updates with fun facts about kiwi's and recipes to incorporate kiwi's in your daily diet because it would be a little boring to only eat them as a snack.  And to be clear, no I won't eat only kiwi's during the day, I will supplement my meals with them and not replace them.

The coolest USB-stick ever!


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