Firm Meal Size Soup

As some of you probably already now, my wishdom teeth were extracted yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I though and it actually never really hurted, but as both of my wisdom teeth from my upper jaw are pulled out it is bruised and it actually still hurts with chewing. So today I had a smoothiebowl with bananas and raspberries in the morning and some slices of bread without the crust with avocado and egg for lunch. For dinner I decided to make a filling soup! And I must honestly say, this is probably the easiest soup on the blog so far and super tasty! Definitely my new favorite soup recipe!

 Scroll down for the Dutch recipe

English recipe:

Duration: 20 minutes

The ingredients for 2 servings:
  • 1 pangasius fillet 
  • 2 roasted red paprika's 
  • 1 leek 
  • 2 ts dried oregano 
  • 300 ml passata di pomodoro 
  • 150 g lentils 
  • 1 tbs olive oil 
  • 1 tbs fresh thyme 
  • Salt & Pepper

What you do:
  1. Cut the leek into rings. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil from the paprika pot in a (soup) pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and fry the leek rings along with oregano on a high heat for 2 minutes. 
  2. Meanwhile, cut the grilled paprika's into pieces and add them to the pan after 2 minutes along with 500 ml of water, 300 ml passata and the lentils. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and let the soup cook on medium heat for 8 minutes. Do not forget to stir regularly. 
  3. Meanwhile, cut the fish into small pieces and add to the soup when the 8 minutes are up. Let it boil for  another 4 minutes. Bring the soup to taste with salt and pepper and serve in a bowl with some fresh thyme on top.



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Nederlands recept - Stevige maaltijdsoep:

Tijd: 20 minuten

De ingrediƫnten voor 2 porties:
  • 1 pangasiusfilet
  • 2 gegrilde rode paprika's 
  • 1 prei
  • 2 tl gedroogde oregano
  • 300 ml passata di pomodoro
  • 150 g linzen
  • 1 el olijfolie
  • 1 el verse tijm
  • Peper & Zout
  1. Snijd de prei in ringen. Verhit 1 eetlepel olie uit de pot paprika in een (soep)pan samen met 1 eetlepel olijfolie en bak hierin de prei-ringen samen met de oregano op hoog vuur voor 2 minuten.
  2. Snijd ondertussen de gegrilde paprika in stukjes en voeg deze na de 2 minuten bij de prei samen met 500 ml water, 300 ml passata en de linzen. Breng aan de kook, draai dan het vuur lager en laat 8 minuten op matig vuur koken. Vergeet niet regelmatig te roeren.
  3. Snijd ondertussen de vis in stukjes en doe deze bij de soep als de 8 minuten voorbij zijn. Laat 4 minuten meekoken. Breng de soep op smaak met zout & peper en serveer in een kom met wat verse tijm erbovenop. 

Eet smakelijk!

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